Do you remember “Popeye?”  Many of us grew up watching the cartoon of the sailor who became strong and powerful every time he ate a can of  spinach – capable of overcoming his enemies.  What child did not dream of being like him?  Well it turns out the cartoon was not far from reality.  Spinach is one of the healthiest foods you can eat – it helps to strengthen your immune system and prevent many diseases.

A 100 gram serving of spinach contains only 20.74 calories.  According to an article on BBC Mundo’s website, a diet rich in spinach may also reduce the risk of Diabetes.  In fact, studies conducted by the British Medical Journal, found that a daily serving and a half of spinach reduced Diabetes Type.

Spinach contains potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins A,C,B, E and K.  Its properties help prevent cancer and enrich the blood.  The low calories make it an ideal nutrient for individuals on a weight loss program.  And the vitamin A helps maintain vision, healthy bones and healthy skin cell production.

Apparently Popeye knew something many of us don’t….

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