Diabetes is caused when too much glucose stays in our bloodstream, either because we can’t properly use or make insulin, which is what the body uses to absorb these glucose sugars. Today, more than 25 million Americans suffer from Diabetes. Most of this population suffers from Type II Diabetes, which can be affected by diet, exercise habits, and other environmental factors – and is often developed later in life.

We once thought that this condition was final and had to be treated with seemingly sensible medications or procedures, but we now know that many Type II diabetics can in fact naturally reduce their sugar level (glucose) back to a healthy normal range, thereby reversing this disease. While the field of Diabetes Reversal continues to grow, there is already groundbreaking research showing all of us in the medical field the path to success – with some patients reversing diabetes in a very short time as a result of simply focusing more on the nutritional value of their meals.

What many diabetics do not realize is that the condition exists on a spectrum and we put ourselves at increased risk – of everything from sexual dysfunction to dementia – even before reaching a “pre-diabetes” or a “diabetes” diagnosis. By making changes, especially to our diets and our daily activity levels, we can benefit from a healthier lifestyle and we can try to prevent or reverse a number of chronic diseases – including Type II Diabetes.

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