Does this sound familiar to you?

You pick up the phone and an unanticipated sense of concern runs through your body as you hear someone from your doctor’s office say, “We have your lab results and the doctor needs to meet with you.” It was just a routine exam. What could possibly be wrong? Still confused, you apprehensively meet with your doctor who says, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but your test results reveal that you have Type 2 diabetes.”

Before the words of this alarming diagnosis have even been fully communicated from your doctor’s mouth, he or she is already writing out your first prescription for oral diabetic medication.

The bad news is, as a relatively uninformed patients, many people fully accept the instructions their doctor has recommended. I believe this epidemic is one of the most mismanaged conditions in recent history. Unfortunately, the traditionally-trained doctor, who utilizes the standard drug-therapy model of care, may not really understand how to help reverse this DISEASE, and it’s highly likely your doctor is very well meaning. The good news is, with the right testing and knowledge, it is possible to create a roadmap to REVERSE diabetes.

Each month I will write several blogs both in English and Spanish, approaching this topic from various angles and perspectives. This is, of course, not a substitute for profession medical advice, and please do not stop or alter any prescribed medications as a result – but I hope it will provide you with the information you need to ask the right questions and develop the right plans. But it’s common knowledge that many drug-therapy approaches may essentially make your condition worse over time, and drug therapy comes with significant risks of further complications. I’d like to help those who suffer with Type II Diabetes find a better path, a path to freedom from this horrible disease, and a path off of standard drug-based treatments.

I look forward to seeing you back here next week, and as always you can find me on Twitter using #AskDrValdes or @AskDrValdes if you have more questions.

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