“The truth about diabetes medications”

The short truth of medication is this: if the often used drug-based approach worked to fix the underlying problem, there would be no need to escalate treatment. But that is often the path many diabetics find themselves on. Some would argue that the increasing need for medication is just the normal course of the condition. While that may in part be true, I believe that it speaks much more of the negligence for what is actually causing this disease.

The longer truth:

Obviously, drug therapy is not always a bad thing. For example, if you wind up in the emergency room because your blood sugar has spiked to unsafe levels, then a drug or insulin injection that can lower your blood sugar rapidly is certainly appropriate and should be used. Drugs are necessary for crisis and traumatic situations. They are needed and appropriate when stabilizing an emergency situation.

But in our society, prescription medications have become grossly overused, misused, and abused. As for treating the daily symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, this form of drug abuse, in my opinion, is most definitely too prevalent. A significant part of this drug overuse and misuse dilemma is that when the body becomes accustomed to medication, it begins to require greater quantities of the same medication to provide the same benefits.

You have to ask yourself, if you continue to have to increase your medications, are they actually working to fix the problem?

I believe there is a better approach – reversing the diabetic condition itself; providing freedom to patients by reducing or eliminating the need for medications or one-size-fits-all dietary approaches. In my next blog I will compare the possible outcomes of a traditional plan for diabetics to manage their illness with medication, compared to a comprehensive plan which can be used as a roadmap to freedom.

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