“A better approach to overcoming Diabetes”

Yes – Type 2 diabetes is REVERSIBLE!!!

As discussed in the last article, I specialize in helping patients with Type II Diabetes understand the source of their disease, and develop a plan to reverse it. For those of you who think you are on the right path with a traditional medication-based approach – keep reading my ongoing blogs. I see the clinical results every day indicating that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. In all of the cases I have accepted into care, I have rarely seen a patient fail. I want to help you understand the reasons for their success.
My approach, very simply, is not to focus exclusively on treating this horrific disease, but more importantly – to take a comprehensive approach and focus on reversing it.

If you’re a diabetic – or a friend or family member of a diabetic – and feel skeptical, I get it. You’ve already been told so many things that have supposedly been in your best interest, yet you continue to struggle. All I can ask is that you maintain an open mind. There may be absolutely no reason for you to suffer from this disease any longer.

So what does it mean when I say that Type 2 diabetes is reversible? Here’s what I see with my patients, for example:

  • They are able to reduce their need and dependency on drugs and insulin.
  • They are able to lower and stabilize their blood sugar while getting off of their medications (with doctor supervision).
  • Patients lose weight, commonly without exercise.
  • Patients increase their energy levels.
  • Results show a reduction and elimination of risks for complications common to diabetes.
  • Pre- and post-labs data is irrefutable; the patient is reversing their condition!
  • Patients achieve the clinical status of non-diabetics.

We are fortunate to have medications available that can save lives in life-threatening and traumatic circumstances. However, Type 2 diabetes is a chronic illness that can be managed, controlled, and reversed by a number of different interventions.

I believe there is a better approach to tackling this illness, which can offer freedom from standard drugs and therapies that prove ineffective at reversing this disease.

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