“Why traditional doctors don’t work”

Did you know that the United States makes up only 5% of the world population, yet we consume 50% of the medications produced in the world? Our society has become heavily dependent upon drugs because we are conditioned into believing that pharmaceuticals provide us with an easy and quick fix. If this were true, the United States should rank among the healthiest nations. The reality is that the World Health Organization ranks us at #46.

In my time treating Type 2 diabetics, it is not unusual to see patients take multiple medications for “controlling” their blood sugar and additional symptoms. It’s akin to putting a Band-Aid on the problem. It is apparent that just having access to (and taking) all kinds of medications is not the answer for experiencing good health. At times they are necessary, and when they are it is a blessing that we have access. However, the rate at which they are used is staggering, and in my opinion this approach is overused, and often misused, for daily treatments.

Millions of patients are taking medication after medication and insulin injection after insulin injection. Many of those individuals feel their Type 2 diabetes seems to be “under control,” and think the medication is working – and they’ll be fine as long as you continue taking it! Unfortunately this view is short-sighted. If all a patient ever does is take prescription medications, diet, exercise, and try to control body weight, it can be a recipe for disaster.

For many Type II Diabetics, common health recommendations may be the reason overall health is diminishing over time. The treatment and advice given may not only be ineffective – it may actually be extremely dangerous. It’s common knowledge that many drug-therapy approaches may essentially make your condition worse over time. It’s also well-known and documented that drug therapy comes with significant risks of further complications.

If YOU suffer from this disease, ask yourself this:

+ “How many times have I had to increase my medication?
+ Has THIS APPROACH made a really positive difference in reversing my condition?
Often the answer to these questions is “NO!” For so many Type 2 diabetic patients, the condition only seems to worsen with time despite all the medications, insulin injections, radical and life-altering diets, attempts at exercise, etc.

At some point you have to ask yourself:

+ Am I on the right path?
+ Do I have the right information?

Even if you’ve been referred to and consulted by a registered dietitian who provides you with a dietary plan, you most likely have been given a generic one-size-fits-all program. This program commonly revolves around you restricting your calories, consuming smaller portions, avoiding fats, not eating too late at night, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating less meat…well, you get the picture.

Unfortunately, the approaches above are usually not sufficient to stop what has become, for many, the inevitable progression of your disease. Again, it is not that doctors and dietitians are ill-intentioned; it’s just that most often they are not adequately trained to deal with many of the chronic and degenerative diseases afflicting today’s patient population.

But the good news is, I specialize in helping patients with Type II Diabetes understand the source of their disease, and develop a plan to reverse it. For those of you who think you are on the right path – keep on reading my ongoing blogs. I see the clinical results every day indicating that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. In all of the cases I have accepted into care, I have rarely seen a patient fail. I want to help you understand the reasons for their success.

Come back next blog as I discuss my approach to reversing diabetes! And as always, in the meantime, you can find me on Twitter at @AskDrValdes or using #AskDrValdes if you have any questions.

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