Your doctor tells you that your thyroid function “looks fine.”

But your state of health tells a different story.

Do you feel that you are suffering the effects of hypothyroidism?

You KNOW when something is off. But it’s hard to begin to determine the best therapy for hypothyroidism when you lack the support of your healthcare provider. Your doctor says, “Your labs are all normal. You’re in good health.”

Maybe you’ve been informed that your condition is “incurable.” You’ve been told that with lifelong synthetic thyroid hormone replacement therapy, you can manage something comparable to a “normal” life.

But you don’t FEEL normal.

There is nothing more frustrating than being led to believe that the problems of low thyroid function are all in your head.

There are over 20 possible causes of thyroid dysfunction. And when there is such a high statistically validated chance of you either being inaccurately or incompletely diagnosed, you’re pretty much taking a shot in the dark and hoping for a miracle.

One Size Fits None

With the state of healthcare being up in the air, confusion over coverage and receiving “cattle call” care have become the norm. “Get them in and get them on their way” is seemingly the new doctor’s creed. This may work for some ailments. But there could not be a worse affliction to take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to than dealing with chronic illness like hypothyroidism.

Receiving THOROUGH evaluation by your healthcare professional is not the norm anymore (if it ever was). What you do get is a hefty medical bill to accompany more confusion. This is the last thing you need on top of:

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Hair Loss

  • Anxiety

  • Constipation

  • Inability to lose weight, regardless of diet and exercise

  • Infertility

Even with traditional treatment, most people fail to experience any form of lasting relief from their troubling hypothyroidism symptoms. When all of this adds up, it is easy to begin to feel hopeless. You know the reality of your hypothyroid symptoms, regardless of what your healthcare practitioner says.

You owe it to yourself to consider another way.

We’ve already helped thousands of people find solutions to their hypothyroidism. You will NOT be made to feel like a label. Not only will you receive a full and accurate diagnosis, but your personal experience with symptoms of hypothyroidism will be taken into consideration – we understand that what worked for another may not be an ideal treatment for you. We take a comprehensive look at what’s going on with you.

Our clinical model works to identify the underlying causes of your persistent hypothyroid symptoms.

The result?

A customized, actionable plan of care that addresses YOUR needs – not the needs of the majority.

Soon you won’t believe the extra energy you feel day to day. A sense of calm will return as the mood swings fade away. And the ridiculous sense of confusion over your weight fluctuations will be a thing of the past.


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Dr. Ruben Valdes and staff are real professionals in this business. They explain in detail the cause of the disease and how they can help to reverse it. I was skeptical when I first visited the center but after receiving valuable information I knew with Dr. Valdes’s help I can reverse the disease.

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