I was recently able to attend the the Apply Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Conference. There is always so much to learn when Mark Hyman, MD is around!

Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of chronic diseases that threaten to compromise the health of the world’s population and affect the effectiveness of the healthcare system. Rattling projections show that many of the subsequent generations may live noticeably less healthy lives and have a shorter life span if we continue in this direction.

Because of its specialized focus, the medical model in place fails to confront the causes of and solutions for chronic diseases.In a move that is long overdue, the current model must be replaced with something that is more focused on comprehensive care and prevention that is systems-based, integrative, patient-centered, and thus, much more effective. AFMCP has been designed to meet that challenge.

*Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) teaches healthcare practitioners to more effectively integrate science, research, and clinical insights to treat and prevent disease and maintain health. Established and emerging diagnostics, therapeutics, and prevention strategies are extensively covered, including the use of diet, nutraceuticals, exercise, body/mind techniques, and the adaptation of lifestyle to an individual’s genetic risks and environmental exposures.

*We were able to cover topics like:
– Gastrointestinal dysfunction and its links to chronic disease
– Nutritionally focused assessment and treatment
– Food sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances
– Inflammation and immune dysregulation
– Toxins, toxicity, and impaired biotransformation
– Insulin resistance and cardiometabolic syndrome
– Hormonal imbalance including adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones
– Oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and fatigue

*via www.functionalmedicine.org


I’m excited to have received all this valuable knowledge, and an awesome photo with Dr. Mark Hyman at ‪the conference too. To learn more about the AFMCP head to their website (click here) – and as always if you have any questions you can find me on twitter @AskDrValdes!

In Gratitude and Service,
Dr. Ruben Valdes, DC

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